Appointment Setting Services


4 Week Campaign


(2 hrs per day x 20 days)

Lead Lists Included

Training Included


8 Week Campaign


(2hrs per day x 40 days)

Lead Lists Included

Training Included


12 Week Campaign


(2 hrs per day x 60 days)

Lead Lists Included

Training Included

   Use 8 hrs per day or per week. Use 40 hours per week or per month. You choose how to use your hours. 


Training for each campaign is included. We train each representative as an employee of your company.

Lead Lists

Targeted lead lists are included with every campaign.


Development is included with each campaign. We develop your campaign based  upon the markets response.


Daily Call List

We send out daily call lists that include notes from every call. Meeting requests, email requests and appointments will be highlighted.

Our Guarantee

Privacy Policy

 Information that we collect and use will not be shared with any company or persons.


  We do not sell any information and all collected information is kept confidential in possession of Business Marketing Direct LLC. 

Refund Policy

  Business Marketing Direct LLC's policy is to do what's best for each client. This is why we believe in a direct approach that is beneficial for our clients. There is no risk to try our services with our guarantee. If you  are unsatisfied with our services we will refund the remaining of our services.This gives you the oppertunity to try our services with absolutly no risk.

Terms and Conditions

  Business Marketing Direct LLC understands and agrees that the services to be provided may be changed on the agreement of the parties. The parties understand and agree that recommendations may be made to increase or decrease services based upon the best interest of both parties. Any such requests may be made via e-mail, fax, phone or personally. Company acknowledges Business Marketing Direct LLC to provide such services upon the direction of any person able to provide information sufficient to identify ones-self as an authorized representative of Company.